If you would like to arrange a vetting with one of our team please complete the request here and one of our team will contact you to progress arrangements in no more than 2 hours within our normal office hours.  

Our office is open Monday – Friday 8:30am - 5:30pm

Request a vetting

Please supply your details and as much information as you can to request a vetting. The more information you supply the quicker we can respond!
*items are required.


*First name
*Last name
*Email address
*Are you a current LEV client?

Agent details, if applicable

First name
Last name
Email address


*First name
*Last name
*Email address
*Yard address, What3Words location and directions to vetting location
*Are they an LEV client?

The horse or pony

*Stable name
*Passport name
*Purchase price
*Intended use of horse or pony
*Points of concern
*X-rays required? yes/no

If YES...please specify below:
Do you require any other additional tests?
*Is horse or pony to be insured?

Insurance company
Additional comments
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