News from Lambourn Equine Vets

Covid19 - Return to Normal Service

Following the prime ministers statement on Sunday 10th May 2020, we are returning to more normal working.  Whilst we have continued to provide emergency and essential work we are now able to provide a full service.  There are certain steps we still require to keep every one safe.

Our team will only work if they are fit and healthy and have had no contact with anyone displaying symptoms and we trust that anyone asking LEV to attend will do the same and if necessary find someone else to attend on their behalf.

We will continue to undertake work where possible practicing social distancing and use hand sanitisers and disinfectants to clean our working environment and ensure our clothes are clean.   We continue to ask you to ensure your horse is safely tied up for our arrival and we will examine them with you at a distance.  Please stay well back and ensure there are as few people present as needed, it is rare there will need to be more than one person required to attend the visit on your behalf, please no spectators that is unnecessary and increases the risks to all involved, we are keen to limit risks

If self distancing is not possible we will wear surgical face masks and provide one for the person handling the horse.  On arrival we would ask you to provide us clean warm water and soap so that we can clean our hands with you at a distance before we provide you a face mask to put on after you have washed your own hands.  Masks should be worn for the duration of the examination.

If we need to use equipment we will discuss this with you as to whether we provide additional personnel to support this.  Anyone assisting will be required to wear masks and wash their hands thoroughly before touching our equipment.

Our vets will leave as soon as the procedure is completed and can discuss your horses case more thoroughly on the phone afterwards to ensure social distancing is maintained as we know it gets tempting to move closer when discussing things with your vet....please don't!

Hopefully over the coming weeks things will return to more normality, with racing intending to resume early June behind closed doors and hopefully then a staged return of other horse sport.  In the mean time, we are keen to continue to help you ensure that your horses are fit and healthy and ready for action.  We will utilise PPE and most importantly continue to wash our hands as much as possible to ensure we protect ourselves and you whilst returning to work, helping ensure Covid19 cases don't begin to peak again and lead to further restrictions.